Friday, February 11, 2011

Fedora 14 and Windows Network (SAMBA)

Fedora 14 and Windows Network (SAMBA)

1. Install Samba
  • use add/remove software gui then search and install samba-3.5.6-69.fc14

2. Install samba server configuration tool

3. after installing, go to system->adinistration->samba

4. Then select ´Preference->Server Settings´

5. Enter the workgroup of the windows network you want to connect in the WorkGroup Textbox.

6. Then Select Preferences->Samba Users, Click Add User and add the users you want accessing shares on the Fedora machine.

7. Access the Firewall, System->Administration->Firewall. After that, Enable Samba and Samba Client under Trusted Services.

8. Then Select ICMP Filter and enble Echo Reply and Echo Request then Apply.

9. If youŕe done, go to Application->SYstem Tools->Terminal and run: su -c ´chkconfig smb on´. after that restart both machine.

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