Monday, March 7, 2011

Installing Roo

It's very easy to get started with Roo. Just follow the steps on this page and you'll have a running environment in minutes. DOWNLOAD!
Free Spring Roo Download
Roo requires you to download and install:

Java 6 JDK
Apache Maven
To obtain Roo, you can either download its standalone command-line shell version or use the
version built into SpringSource Tool Suite. You can also download both and use them together if
you prefer:

Spring Roo
SpringSource Tool Suite
If you downloaded the standalone Spring Roo, simply unzip it to a location of your choice. Then:

Windows users: add %ROO_HOME%\bin to your path
*nix users: create a symbolic link to $ROO_HOME/bin/ (eg sudo ln -s ~/spring-roo-1.x.x/bin/ /usr/bin/roo)

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