Saturday, April 16, 2011

Custom CheckStyle Checker Configuration

Using a Custom Checkstyle Checker Configuration

A custom Checker configuration xml file can be defined and then referenced via a URL, File, or build classpath resource reference.
To reference a custom Checkstyle Checker configuration, use the configLocation parameter.


This example causes the Checkstyle Plugin to check for a File named checkstyle.xml or a resource named checkstyle.xml within the compile scope of the dependencies or build extensions classpath.
There are 4 predefined Checkstyle configuration definitions that ship with the Checkstyle Plugin, the Sun Microsystems Definition is selected by default.
  • config/sun_checks.xml - Sun Microsystems Definition (default).
  • config/maven_checks.xml - Maven Development Definitions.
  • config/turbine_checks.xml - Turbine Development Definitions.
  • config/avalon_checks.xml - Avalon Development Definitions.

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