Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why is Weekend so important to programmer?

Weekend is a time for programmer to do his things on his own way. 

Those two days are filled with exploration, excitement and doing things beyond what he always do on weekdays. Those are the days where he enhances his programming practice which is his codebase. Those are days where he is learning new things and formulating a simple application to showcase it. Those are days of the week that he is so true, that no one may disturb him while he is on his logical and imaginative mind.

On those days, he will do things on his way, we will make sure that every minute counts. He will read everything that catches his mind and will implement it. He will do diffucult bugs also sometimes enhance it on that day. And as that weekend close, he will never see any TO DO on his codebase.

Those days, he will go beyond his capabilities, he will push himself to create and learn new things for only forty-eight hours. Sometimes he will fail on doing it but still he is happy, because he learn again new technology and created something that has put him to what makes him original on his programming life.

On those days, he will be staying on his cave, maybe it will be a room, in the living room or maybe even in the kitchen. After forty- eight hours of meditating, he will evolve as a new man. He now has a new skill set on his sleeve, new methodology that he discovers more efficient, a new thinking that had been formulated on the two days of rumination and that novel view that programmer is never selfish, for he will be grateful to share it to the world. He knows that what he discovered on that two divine days will be of great use and not just meant on a recycle bin. Most of all, he know that if he share it to others, what he had discover on that two days will unlock more astounding designs that programmers can use.

Those are the days when the programmer rest. It‘s just that REST for programmer is doing things beyond their limits and a means to breakaway.  Rest for him is learning new things, creating and producing something valuable through them.

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